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By the way, I really love your blog :)

Hahahahahaha, believe me, when I read that somebody loves my blog my face turns red

Hey, I'm getting ready to look into a pit bull. I have LOVED them since I can remember. My parents, and so many people, are petrified of pits. Is there any infographics or statistics on actual aggressive pits? For example, are you more likely to be attacked by a pit than.... or is a dog more likely to be attacked by a pit than... etc.,

Pitbulls are on the top of the blacklist, das but true, but, all depends the owner, not the breed

Thank you so much for spreading the word! I can't thank you enough! <33

Oh you, thanks

I want a pit bull soooo bad! I have 3 cats though, would that be a disaster?

I don’t think so, some friends have rottweilers and cats

The notes should not matter, what matters is that with few notes, touches the heart of many people, most of the time, the notes are nothing. 


Layla Day 1


This is Layla. When Melissa went looking for a companion for Layla, the shelter recommended a dog that was supposedly “good with other dogs” an encouraged Melissa to adopt him. This is what he did to Layla when Melissa brought him home. Obviously, he needs to be in a home without other dogs. Layla wanted a friend, and she might die for it.

Day One was a a Sunday night, far from business hours, and we were unable to get the necessary resources because we were outside of business hours of a bank. The hospital required a $3000 deposit for Layla to get treatment. They expected her to rack up that amount in the first 3 days. We managed to get them to agree to a $1500 deposit just to keep her through the end of business the next day, to buy us time for Melissa to try to secure her more funds to pay for the necessary tests to stabilize her and save Layla’s life over the next week. I knew that the next day was Presidents Day and most financial institutions were not open. But with $1500, Layla can stay in the hospital that night. So we took to the web to try and raise funds. From 6pm to 8pm that night, the ultimatum was clear:

It was $1500 or die.

Layla lived that night. Because of the kindness of strangers. Having raised the $1500 to keep her there until morning, she could get the fluids she needed and the preliminary tests she needed to find out all that was wrong. And we didn’t sleep that night, because we needed to continue to beg friends and family for help later that night. We needed to reach the $3000 estimated cost in care that the hospital had required if she was going to live another day.



For More Information about Layla’s Story:

How You Can Help Save Layla:

If you have a Care Credit account, you can donate some of your account to Layla.

You can call Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center and directly donate to save Layla. THE NUMBER TO SAVE LAYLA:


(Open 24/7)

She found her fur-ever home. Let’s help her get back there.

Nina says &#8220;Good morning, Tumblr!&#8221;

Nina says “Good morning, Tumblr!”